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Welcome to the first Wisdom Wednesday in Springtime 2023!

During this time of earthly renewal, we appreciate the Catholic Climate Covenant for urging church leadership to become engaged with the issues of Laudato’ Si. And just for fun, we’ll glance at some of the pagan rituals and traditions signaled by the Spring Equinox.

Articles this week deal with bank failures, LGBTQ rights, a look at Hare Krishnas in Ukraine and the United States, and an exploration of why Americans hate Americans. We also note Richard Rohr’s 35th year of action and contemplation.

On Pope Francis and Synodality

Returning to the point of new life and renewal, we begin with a focus on Francis.

Yes, the pope is Catholic.

At La Croix International, Bob Mickens (a keynoter at AUSCP’s Assembly in Seattle), examines “The sad spectacle of the ‘Catholic’ writers who’ve used the 10th anniversary of Pope Francis’ election to accuse him of betraying the faith and ruining the Church.”

Is it possible for the pilgrim People of God in various places and hemispheres to follow the synodal journey in different ways, yet still be consistent with the realities of our universal Church? That’s the question from writer Justin Stanwix, in an opinion piece published by La Croix International.

Also at La Croix, Massimo Faggioli writes, “All roads lead to… the Synod in Rome: a bit of synodal wisdom. We begin the countdown to the first of two Synod of Bishops assemblies looking at the future of the Catholic Church.”

At National Catholic Reporter, Brian Fraga says Pope Francis faces the challenge to radically reshape US Catholic hierarchy.

Pope Francis is asking the church to dream again. Why do so many oppose him? Here is an offering from Stan Chu Ilo, research professor of world Christianity and African studies at the Center for World Catholicism and Intercultural Theology at DePaul University in Chicago; and coordinating servant of the Pan-African Catholic Theology and Pastoral Network

A Video on Vatican II

Thanks to an AUSCP friend, Monica Marie Kaiser, for suggesting “A Reform in Motion: Vatican II and the Liturgy” on Youtube, from Boston College.

Laudato Si’

If you have ever wondered how to get others in church leadership engaged in Laudato Si’ issues, an upcoming online conversation may help with answers.

Register HERE to join in the conversation.

Reese: Libertarian capitalists are hypocrites

“The recent threats to the banking system show that libertarian capitalists are hypocrites,” says Jesuit Thomas Reese. “They hate government regulations — until they are in trouble and expect the government to bail them out.”


Missouri’s Republican attorney general on Monday said he will limit access to gender-affirming care for minors, sidestepping the GOP-led state senate as it struggles to pass a law banning the practice for children completely.

The Bishops issued a statement on transgender healthcare. Critics say the statement lacks sound science and trans voices. Katie Collins Scott writes for National Catholic Reporter.

Book bans seem to be targeting LGBTQ youth, according to the Associated Press.

Divisions among us

Grim battles among neighbors and in families. Most Americans today see other Americans as threats. Jean Guerrero writes in the Los Angeles Times.

But is there a way out? America Media asks, What is the way out of polarization? And why does that question—along with the now-commonplace observation that society suffers from deepening divisions about everything from gun control to abortion to public funding for religious schools—seem so exhausting? [Subscription may be required.]

Freedom to practice religion?

Should schools be closed on Eid? RNS digs into the story, as Ramadan begins this evening for many Muslims.

Hare Krishna

You may have seen them in saffron robes and heard they chanting. Here are two items: The Hare Krishna movement is alive in Ukraine, surviving the war, and in the United States, growing in diversity.

Unfounded legend about Vatican

According to a widespread, persistent, and entirely unfounded legend, the menorah and other ritual objects from the Second Temple remain hidden in the secret archives of the Catholic Church in Rome. The Vatican does possess an impressive trove of volumes of Talmud, ancient and medieval Bible commentaries, liturgical poetry, and much else. Scholar Lawrence Schiffman describes the collection and explains its history.

Richard Rohr for 35 years

To celebrate the Center for Action and Contemplation’s (CAC) 35th Anniversary year, a series of archival recordings of Richard Rohr from the early days is being released. This first recording is from a series of foundational teachings on “Action and Contemplation” given by Richard in 1987 — CAC’s very first year!

Pagan traditions

The Spring Equinox is the signal to observe many pagan rituals and traditions. Here are two easy-to-read articles about pagan and Christian springtime practices worldwide.

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