Wisdom Wednesdays

Catholic Perspectives on Faith, Culture, and Politics

Resplendent and unfading is Wisdom, and she is readily perceived by those who love her, and found by those who seek her,” Book of Wisdom, 6:12

We pray, as Saint Paul prayed for the Ephesians, that you may receive “a spirit of wisdom and revelation.”  Visit with us each Wednesday as we seek the wisdom of many witnesses to the whirl of faith, culture and politics. May God be with us!

AUSCP Wisdom Wednesday Resource Collection – Updated Weekly

Wisdom Wednesday | May 22nd

Welcome to Wisdom Wednesday as we approach Assembly 2024 in Lexington, June 24-27. Today’s American Catholic is collaborating with the AUSCP to provide daily reports from the assembly by Michael Centore – helping recap the day for participants and informing friends and members who can’t attend in the flesh.

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Highlighted Articles This Week

Past weekly roundups of news in faith, politics, and culture

Wisdom Wednesday | May 15th

Some spicy items on the buffet table today: parish closure plan “a punch in the stomach;” excommunication “not the equivalent of capital punishment;” “Bishop Barron’s Word on Fire is too…
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Wisdom Wednesday | May 8th

Welcome to Wisdom Wednesday, offering reflections this week on the world at war – from Hiroshima to Vietnam to Ukraine and the Holy Land. Our journey includes AUSCP members –…
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Wisdom Wednesday | May 1st

Some Wisdom Wednesdays are more exciting than others. This is one of them! Topics this week include AI, slavery in the Society of Jesus, “divine kingship,” “When Dead doesn’t mean…
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Wisdom Wednesday | April 17th

An octopus with a mini-brain in each tentacle could be nature’s metaphor for our Church – as each arm gathers sensory information to drive its own movements with consulting major…
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Wisdom Wednesday | April 10th

Welcome to Wisdom Wednesday with a warning: Some strong opinions are expressed today. In identifying opinion as opinion, we also identify who is offering the opinion.
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