Leadership Team

Fr. Louis Arceneaux, C.M. (Ordained 1966;Congregation of the Mission, Western Province USA) – Secretary

Louie Arceneaux is a member of the Congregation of the Mission, Western Province USA.  He was ordained in 1966. When asked what strengths do you bring to the Leadership Team of the Association of US Catholic priests, he answered: Knowledge of and passion for liturgy of Church; Knowledge and passion for peace and justice in Church and society.


Louie’s priestly experience includes years of teaching liturgy and sacramental theology in seminaries after receiving doctorate in theology from San Anselmo in Rome, as well as being active on liturgical committees in dioceses and working with AUSCP Task force to deal with the present Roman Missal. He is chair of the Peace and Justice Committee for his Vincentian province and a long time member of Pax Christi USA, as well as long time participant in peace demonstrations at the School of America in Fort Benning, Ga.

Fr. Lee Bacchi (Ordained 1977; Diocese of Joliet) – Treasurer

Lee Bacchi: I joined the AUSCP in 2014. I was on the Association’s task force on the Roman Missal for four years. I have been in a variety of ministries since my ordination 40+ years ago – parish work, high school and college teaching, diaconate director, and hospital ministry.  I earned a Ph.D. in religious studies from Marquette University in 1990, with a dissertation on the subject of ordained ministry.  I have worked on various diocesan committees (liturgy, religious education, Presbyteral Council).  I am knowledgeable about our Catholic Tradition; good at remembering and executing details; seek to find common ground in the presence of difference; believe that unity does not mean uniformity; committed to the vision that the Second Vatican Council provided for the Church.

My continuing education in Scripture and theology have afforded me important insights and formation in our Catholic Tradition, as well as opportunities to make pastoral applications of these insights and formation.  The support I have received from many people with whom I ministered in my assignments for preaching, liturgical presidency, adult education endeavors, ministering with people in crisis, lead me to believe that I can be an effective and valuable member of the Leadership Team and for the Association as well.

Fr. Gregory Barras (Ordained 1984; Diocese of Biloxi) – Chair

Greg Barras: I am Gregory Michael Barras, a priest of the Diocese of Biloxi for thirty-five years.  I have been Director of Youth and Co-Director of Continuing Ed in our diocese.  I am privileged to serve on the AUSCP Leadership Team.  My love of Church is centered in Vatican II spirit.  AUSCP embodies, envisions, and lives this spirit.  As we follow Pope Francis, inspiration, vision, and mission give me life and desire to serve.

Fr. Mike Bausch (Ordained 1979; Diocese of Rochester, NY)

Michael ‘Mike’ Bausch was born and raised in Batavia, NY, holds a BA degree from St. Bernard College, Cullman, Alabama and Master Degree from St. Bernard’s Seminary, Rochester, NY, and was ordained in 1979 for the Diocese of Rochester, NY.  Since 2002 Mike has been the pastor of The Church of the Transfiguration Parish in Pittsford, NY.  His previous assignments included parish ministry, he also has served as the Executive Director of both Catholic Family Center, Rochester and Southern Tier Office of Catholic Charities, Elmira, NY.  Mike has served on the Camp Stella Maris Board, DePaul Clinic Board, first Chair of the Diocesan Public Policy Committee, Development Committee of Catholic Charities of the Finger Lakes and Catholic Charities of Wayne County, Catholic Family Center (CFC) Board, Diocesan Catholic Charities Board, Diocesan Priest Personnel Board, Diocesan Presbyteral Council and numerous community agencies boards.  He was also a member of the New York State Catholic Conference Public Policy Committee and Catholic Charities USA Social Policy Committee.  He continues to serve, in an advisory capacity, the CFC Board and Catholic Charities Board and remains active on numerous community agencies. 

Fr. Bernard Bonnot (Ordained 1967; Diocese of Youngstown) – Executive Director

Bob Bonnot: Going on 79, I have over 50 years of experience as a priest, pastor, and administrator. My background experience, locally and nationally, includes education, adult spiritual growth, communication, forward thinking and planning. Since retiring in July of 2016, I continue in active ministry as a covering priest in my diocese, an Unbound preacher, and an Apostolate of the Sea Cruise Chaplain, but I most especially spend my time, talent and energy in service to AUSCP’s mission and vision. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we support the efforts of Pope Francis and our bishops to continue the evangelizing of our people and our world through implementation of Vatican II. Our current challenge is to overcome the persistent clericalism of both the ordained and the baptized, to see ourselves as priests ordained in service to the baptized, and to foster synodality in the Church’s life from top to bottom and bottom to top.

Fr. Kevin Clinton (Ordained 1974; archdiocese of St. Paul & Minneapolis) – Chair Emeritus

Kevin Clinton: I have served the AUSCP out of a conviction that the movement of the Holy Spirit in Vatican II asks all priests to minister with courage and openness to the dynamism of the Spirit’s presence in the here and now. I am enthusiastic about and committed to the mission of the AUSCP. United we are creating a significant pastoral voice that comes from years of US priests’ pastoral experience. I want to help develop that voice.

I have been a member and participant of various church reform efforts for many years. I share in the struggle many priests have with the roman Missal. I have coordinated the efforts of the AUSCP in addressing this issue. Even more alarming is the hierarchical method that produced the translation. I believe priests have a responsibility to voice problems that negatively impact the worship of the communities they serve.

Fr. Ray Cole (Ordained 1972; Diocese of Metuchen)

Ray Cole: Ray Cole: I have had the happy experience of being involved in Social Justice Issues throughout my priesthood working in the inner city, in Appalachia and in Guatemala and rebuilding in Mississippi after Katrina. I collaborated with many parishioners of different ages to be a presence where there was need at home or beyond. We built several buildings and installed a solar farm and other environmental safeguards. We established a sister Parish relationship in Guatemala where the ministry continues on several levels.   I have served in many roles on the Diocesan level. I worked to enact things which AUSCP now is working on, especially collaboration. Gathering with priests to me is life-giving. Good Liturgy is a passion. I strive to grow spiritually and believe that prayer is essential for life.

Fr. Peter Daly (Ordained 1986; Archdiocese of Washington)

Peter Daly has had over thirty years of pastoral experience in parishes and universities. He has used his communication skills in writing for various Catholic publications including National Catholic Reporter (currently), Catholic News Service, Washington Post, Catholic digest, and various journals. He has also published a book, Strange Gods, a murder mystery which exposes some of the challenges and politics of the church.

Peter is engaged in advocacy work for immigrants with Immigration Legal Services of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington.

Fr. Aidan McAleenan (Ordained 2005; Diocese of Oakland)

Aidan McAleenan: I have served in many multicultural environments and love to celebrate the diversity that is our church.  I have served as the pastor of St. Columba Church in Oakland California for ten years. 

St. Columba is an African American community that celebrates African American Spirituality in the context of an increasingly multicultural demographic.  Social Justice is at the very heart of our community.  I love people and I am aware of my gifts and talents and look for complementary skill sets to help create a viable parish, and community teams in ministry.  I am a Vatican II priest at heart and I join with Pope Francis in his happy ministry of reinvigorating our church.

I am open to the Spirit of God working with all of God’s People! I love my faith and I love the church, the People of God!

Fr. Stephen Newton, CSC (Ordained in 1989; Congregation of Holy Cross)

Stephen Newton is a member of Congregation of Holy Cross, Notre Dame, Indiana. He serves as a Campus Minister at St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame. When asked what strengths do you bring to the Leadership Team of the Association of US Catholic priests, he answered: Creative thinking; persistence; faith in the Spirit; desire for authenticity; help others see in new ways.

“I consider status quo to be merely a step to what is next in any endeavor, including religion and spirituality.  So I am always looking for new ways to understand and proclaim the Word.  Often enough, therefore, I initially find myself on the margins rather than at the center of developments until persistence leads to understanding.  Then, it’s time to move on.”

“I have a special affinity for those who have been hurt by the institutional church, ministering primarily to others on the margins: homeless and addicted people; disaffiliated and minority groups; students and catechumens.  My approach has tempered through age and experience but thirst for what is right has not.  Some folks think my use of spontaneous humor can be very effective; some do not.”

Fr. Tulio Ramirez (Ordained 1990; Yarumal Missioners)

Tulio Ramirez was born in Medellin, Colombia, where he was taught be LaSalle priests. He joined the Yarumal Missioners and was ordained in 1990. His ministry took him to Kenya (61/2 years), Ethiopia (9 years), and presently he serves as pastor at the Church of Our Saviour in The Bronx, NY, where he has served the Latino community for 13 years.

Tulio brings to the Leadership Team a broad missionary mindset of priesthood and extensive experience in working with other cultures.

Fr. William Spilly (Ordained 1974; Diocese of Rochester, NY) – Vice-chair

Bill Spilly: My strengths include a deep commitment to Catholic Social Teachings and the Social Gospel.  I was ordained after the Second Vatican Council and have been committed to its teachings and spirit throughout my priesthood. Here in the Diocese of Rochester I am facilitating the local AUSCP Group after participating in the AUSCP Gathering in Chicago. I am also part of a “Sensus Fidelium” Group centered on lay preaching.  We have a website: www.god’swordmanyvoices.org

Since ordination in 1974, I have served as a parochial vicar in a small city in Upstate New York; worked for eight years in the Social Ministry Office of the diocese in the city of Rochester and in five rural counties dealing with issues like migrants, the nuclear issue in the early 1980’s, public power, the ecology, war and peace issues, capital punishment, etc. Since 1984 I have served as pastor in a rural, four-parish cluster(500 families); with a college for six years; six years as pastor in another four-parish cluster (3000 families) in Corning-Painted Post, NY; eight years as pastor in a city parish in Rochester; and finishing 13 years as pastor here in Hamlin, NY, of a single parish (540 families). I have served on the diocesan Priests’ Council and am currently on the diocesan Priests’ Personnel Board.

Fr. Norman Supancheck (Ordained 1968; Archdiocese of Los Angeles)

Norm Supancheck has had experiences in parish work, university chaplain, high school chaplain, Spanish and English. Fr. Norm served in several parishes in East LA, Placentia, Monterey Park, Fillmore, Santa Clarita, and in Sylmar. For 8 years he served as Campus Minister at Cal State University and East Los Angeles College. For 15 years he served as Campus Priest at Bishop Alemany High School. He is active in Boy and Girl Scouting, Engaged Encounter, Marriage Encounter, Retrouvaille, Encuentro Promocional Juvenil, Knights of Columbus and several service organizations.

He was honored by the L.A. Archdiocese for many years of working with youth and was given several honors from Boy and Girl Scouting. Fr. Norm is the author of his autobiography, When Love Calls, A Memoir of Great Devotion.

Fr. Andy Switzer (Ordained 2011; Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston)

Andy Switzer was ordained to the priesthood for the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston in 2011 and currently serves as administrator of St. Sebastian Parish in Kingwood, St. Zita Parish in Masontown, and St. Edward the Confessor Mission in Terra Alta. 

Andy says that the journey we are all on in the AUSCP inspires him. He also said that he is honored to be a part of the leadership team, and feels that he can learn a lot from this group. “This is a group that is committed to the reforms of the Second Vatican Council and Pope Francis continuing that reform,” he said. “I think the role that the AUSCP plays for our church today is prophetic!”

“We have a lot to consider and feel called as Catholics to take a prophetic role in the direction of our country or as the Second Vatican Council in the church in the modern world says to make the joys and the sorrows of this world our own as a church,” he said.