Why the AUSCP is not at the Eucharistic Congress

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Our request for inclusion was denied.

As the National Eucharistic Congress unfolds in Indianapolis, we rejoice in this public celebration of the Real Presence of Jesus Christ. We regret, with sadness, that the National Association of U.S. Catholic Priests will have no formal presence among the many thousands of the faithful, lay and ordained, gathering in this public and profound proclamation of the central reality of our faith. After a year-long effort to be included among the many groups and institutions in public witness of our shared faith we have been denied a place at the table. 

The AUSCP is the largest association of its kind in the United States. Our members include bishops, priests and lay faithful. We had hoped to offer our experience of how the real presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist commissions us and commands us to go forth to serve our brothers and sisters everywhere.

A year ago, we began our inquiry into participation in the congress, receiving no direct response to our repeated requests. A month ago, we were assured that display space was available if we acted swiftly — and we responded immediately. One week ago (June 25), even as we gathered for our own national assembly on a Eucharistic theme, we were informed that all display spaces had been taken, even the one that had been assured.

As our members now have returned from our assembly to our mission and ministry, we will celebrate in solidarity with those who travel to the Eucharistic Congress. We renew our commitment to be the real presence of Jesus Christ beyond the monstrance.

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