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Submitted by: Jim Bacik

Dear Friends and Readers:

I have continued to do podcasts on WGTE public radio in Toledo with  the outstanding podcaster, Brad Rieger. There are now 36 half-hour programs available, including issues of personal spirituality such as Learning to be Patient and Finding our Unique Path to Holiness as well as some on outstanding theologians, for example Hans Kung on Renewing the Church and Rosemary Reuther on Empowering Women. Friends tell me they listen in various settings: walking, riding in a car, relaxing,  exercising and dealing with insomnia.

To access these podcasts you can either click on the following link:


You may also search either on your podcast app or on the internet: WGTE: A Bacik Conversation and follow the prompts.

We are currently deciding whether to continue to do more podcasts, which both Brad and I enjoy doing. If you want WGTE to continue this series you can send me an email at frjimbacik.org.

I hope this is another way of staying in touch.
– Fr. Jim Bacik

About the Author

Fr. James J. Bacik has served as a priest of the Diocese of Toledo since his ordination in 1962. He is a widely regarded theologian, writer, lecturer and pastor who served as campus minister and adjunct professor of humanities at the University of Toledo for more than 30 years. Fr. Bacik is an AUSCP member. Visit his website at frjimbacik.org.

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