Every Person’s Dignity, by Father Bob Bonnot

Election Sidebar

Catholic Social Teaching asserts the sacredness of every human being. God gives life. We must respect life – all of life, conception to grave, even after. Life is about much more than conception and birth. ‘Pro-life’ means to many opposition to abortion and euthanasia. Politicians play on that narrow focus. Being fully “Pro-life” requires other “pro” stances:

  • pro-health care of the born and all the living
  • pro-family
  • pro-living wages
  • pro-decent housing for all
  • pro-peace
  • pro-poor
  • pro-equal justice
  • pro-care for creation
  • pro- quality education for all
  • pro-childcare when parents have to work
  • pro-employment
  • pro-migrants
  • pro-refugees
  • pro-environment
  • pro-gun safety
  • pro-responsible driving
  • pro-life without parole vs. execution
  • pro-encouraging/enabling the struggling and marginalized
  • pro-the whole human race which God creates and loves.

Forming our consciences requires attention to all dimensions of “pro-life”. God calls us to work for the common good rather than just my good and my better life.

Voting is a civic responsibility and a moral act. As we prepare to vote, we are called to awaken our conscience to what pro-life means. Then we can bring our conscience to weigh in faithfully on our voting decisions.

— Father Bob Bonnot

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