Chat Room Comments from “Church in the present World” Webinar

Webinar Comments

The following is a summary of comments shared by viewers and presenters during the second Conversations on the Council webinar, “Church in the Present World.”

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Viewer Comments

From Leo Jacoby to Everyone

From Leo Jacoby to Everyone

My reflection questions for Gaudium et Spes #1: in 2022 from a global perspective:

  • name human joys and hopes;
  • name human griefs and anxieties.
  • Who are the poor and afflicted in your lived experience?
  • How do followers of Christ whom you know share joys & hopes, griefs & anxieties of the people of this age?
  • What is required to be in solidarity with the whole human family?
  • What is your lived experience of community?
  • What unites people?
  • How do you receive guidance?
  • Who walks with you on life’s journey?
  • Where is the human family heading?
  • How do you translate “message of salvation” so that any person can understand?
  • To “cherish” requires what actions?
  • How do you deepen human connections?
  • Ways you “Think globally, and act locally”?

Gaudium et Spes = The Joys and the Hopes … 57 years later, how are these words of 2,500 Catholic bishops relevant today?

From Sue Bomar to Everyone

“The Georgetown University group I mentioned is the “Institute on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life”

From Leo Jacoby to Everyone

Georgetown link to last week’s webinar:


  1. Welcome, Prayer, Orientation …………….(~20 minutes)
  2. Small-group sharing……………………… (~ 55-70 minutes)
  3. In your lived experience how have you been accompanied [as a ________ (woman, youth or other affinity group)], or not, by the church, however you understand church?
  4. Having listened to your own lived experience and that of others, what do you dream and hope “church” can be or become? If you could talk with Bishop Callahan or Pope Francis personally, what would you say about what you want the Church to be for you?

We recommend this short video from AUSCP (9:32) about facilitating a listening session.

WHO?  Everyone is welcome to participate in a listening session, including persons who are not parishioners, and especially persons whose voice is not usually heard.  Make an effort to invite others to scheduled parish sessions or to a session that you host.

What does Gaudium et Spes teach about human rights?

Gaudium et Spes continues addressing the “genuinely human” when it declares that the Church is dedicated not just to Catholics but to the whole world. More than that, the Church is dedicated to more than mere socio-economic freedom, but to the freedom that comes from knowing and accepting God’s love. Jan 9, 2020

  1. Good Samaritan who stops and listens, then accompanies the person in need. The innkeeper provides the necessary social structures and services, and the Samaritan knows where to find the inn and contributes to its sustainability.

A Theology and practice of Encounter and Accompaniment will be the leaven to change the world.

From Eugene Pocernich to Everyone

I invite the leadership team if it goes along with having webinars dealing with priest pension funds and SRI, to see if an investment SRI fund such as the one run by the Holy Cross Investment Fund.

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