Chat Room Comments from “People of God” Webinar

Webinar Comments

The following is a summary of comments shared by viewers and presenters during the first Conversations on the Council webinar, “People of God.”

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Viewer Comments

Does a synodal church listen to everyone, or just to registered members of a parish?

Does “People of God” refer to only the baptized, or to all people?

“People of God” or “God’s People” — any difference in who is included?

I’m insisting in our Greensburg, PA Diocese that anyone in the geographic area be listened to and invited to sessions set up during the month of February. It remains to be seen if it happens.

“Clericalism” in its broadest sense is any division into an “us” and “them”: Baptized vs. unbaptized, Christian vs non-Christian, etc.

NCR Article: Archbishop Gomez’s comments reveal anti-intellectualism among church leaders.

Cardinal Cupich Keynote: Ordination Does Not Annhiliate Our Baptism

Pope Francis Letter to the People of God

To think that money is being used to turn priests into “good” administrators! God save us!

A couple years ago the AUSCP did research on seminary formation and then submitted recommendations to Cardinal Tobin, who was heading up research and recommendation in the US, which then would be submitted to the Vatican.

Church as a FIELD HOSPITAL or a refuge FROM the world?

What three questions should we ask (anyone) during this stage of the Synod?

I participated in a synodal process recently that used three questions:

  1. What are you happy about with the Church?!
  2. What are you not happy?!
  3. What can we address to bring about a change?!

“Should our questions be world-centered rather than church-centered?”

Both, but certainly Church-centered also, since we need to address major issues!

Thanks for your “both/and” thinking

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