Wisdom Wednesday | January 11th

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Welcome to Wisdom Wednesday, as we are taking a break during personal travel and Assembly planning time in San Diego. Instead of our normal weekly roundup of breaking news and thoughtful reflections, we offer a few helpful links.

Assembly information and a link to Assembly registration are on our website.

As a reminder, some excellent sources of news include National Catholic Reporter, the Religion Section of the Pew Research Center, Black Catholic Messenger, and La Croix International.

Go Further

Today, we suggest you read the Vatican document on the Synod, Enlarge the space of your tent, which is a working document for the continental stage of the synodal process.

By way of introduction the Vatican document begins with an affirmation:

Globally, participation exceeded all expectations. In all, the Synod Secretariat received contributions from 112 out of 114 Episcopal Conferences and from all the 15 Oriental Catholic Churches, plus reflections from 17 out of 23 dicasteries of the Roman Curia besides those from religious superiors (USG/UISG), from institutes of consecrated life and societies of apostolic life, and from associations and lay movements of the faithful. In addition, over a thousand contributions arrived from individuals and groups as well as insights gathered through social media thanks to the initiative of the Digital Synod.”

The document runs 56 pages, with artwork and graphics depicting the entire process. Well worth reading!

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