Webinars with Resources for Vatican II

Three timely webinar series on Vatican II, our understanding of it, and our ongoing mission.

Vatican II and Our Mission: Leavening Humankind

Series presenter Dr. Joseph Torma spent 8 years in a missionary seminary, earned an M.A. in theology with an emphasis on Gaudium et Spes at the University of Detroit, earned his PhD in theology at the University of Ottawa, Canada, and over a 50-year career taught at Creighton University, St. Bernard Seminary in Rochester, NY where he served as Field Education Director and Chair of the Pastoral Theology Department, and spent 37 years at Walsh University in the Diocese of Youngstown as a professor of theology and Founder of the Institute for Justice and Peace.

While in Rochester he organized parish social action committees for the diocese and involved many seminarians with field experience at parishes and organizations such as the Catholic Worker. Joe continues to be active in the St. Joseph Catholic Worker House in Alliance, Ohio where Joe lives with his wife Cathy.

Gaudium et Spes

Decree on the Laity

Formation and Ministry of Bishops and Priests

Renewal of Religious Life & Mission Activity

Church and Non-Christian Religions

Sacred Liturgy – Sacrosanctum Concilium

ReGrasping Vatican II with Sr. Maureen

This is a six-part series undertaken by AUSCP in collaboration with FutureChurch. Five of the six webinars will be presented by Sr. Maureen Sullivan, Dominican Sister of Hope (NY), Ph.D, now Professor Emerita of Theology after 32 years at St. Anselm College in New Hampshire. Sr. Maureen earned her doctorate from Fordham University and served there for four years as Academic Dean for Freshmen and Academic Dean of the College; she has written two books on Vatican II published by Paulist Press – 101 Questions and Answers on Vatican II and The Road to Vatican II: Key Changes in Theology. Sr. Maureen combines the wisdom of a scholar with pastoral outreach and strives to raise peoples’ awareness of the positive impact of Vatican II in the Church today.

Conversations on the Council

This is a three-part series titled Conversations on the Council, sponsored by the AUSCP Vatican II Working Group. These conversations will focus on each of three issues drawn from the documents of Vatican II: People of God, Church in the Present World, and Religious Liberty. We see these three issues as relevant to the Church and society at this time.

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