Personal Reflection: 48 Years of Recovery

Submitted by: Anonymous

Today marks 48 years since the beginning of my recovery from alcoholism and, of course, I am deeply grateful. I also understand why some people want to congratulate me. But I am uncomfortable being complimented on this occasion if it implies that I did something spectacular or within my own power. I didn’t. The truth is that I received an unearned gift. The truth is that I stopped doing many hurtful and destructive things.

Friends and family who never were the mess I was did not need to be brought to death’s door to live life on life’s terms. They didn’t cause years of days and nights of pain to those who cared about them. They were good people doing good things because they knew those were the right things to do. They are the heroes, not me. They are the ones who should be praised and looked up to today and every day. I think of them, and I’m grateful. I came late to their normalcy, and they accepted me as if I deserved it. So, I am humbled and grateful these 48 years later.

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