Just a thought, from Bob Wenz

November 25

Maybe it’s time for our country to collapse.

Maybe it’s time for our religion to be rejected.



  • We see a narcissistic demagogue continuing to divide an already divided country for his own power and pleasure.
  • We see stupidity personified in those promoting conspiracy theories and the idiocy of QAnon in a supposedly educated populace.
  • We see people persistently refusing to wear a mask because it’s an infringement on their “rights”, with no regard for the common good.
  • We see politicians silently following, afraid of challenging, a person who in past politics would have been seen by most as “unhinged”
  • We see priests, ministers, rabbis, imams afraid to loudly preach from their pulpits the evil of bigotry and white supremacy.
  • We see bureaucratic bishops who write letters that almost no one reads and who enjoy wearing their pink and lace, but dare not preach what Christ preached in Mt. 25 and do not  instruct their priests to do the same, especially for the immigrant, the LGBTQ, the poor and rejected… not solely the unborn… for fear of losing more people, prestige and money.
  • We see people of ALL faiths, which basically have the same message of compassion and justice for ALL people, see no inconsistency with MY actions or their actions and God’s challenge.

Why should our country continue?? Why should religion continue to be believed??

Because within each person who dares to speak out…there is HOPE!

Within each person who tries, fails and tries to live out their faith in GOD, not just an institution— there is LOVE.

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