November 25th Edition – Catholic Perspectives on Biden’s Election

November 25Roundup

In this edition of Wisdom Wednesday, we offer Catholic perspectives on the election, related reports, and opinions. 

Archbishop José Gomez of Los Angeles took aim at president elect Joe Biden, calling it a “difficult and complex” situation that the second ever Catholic president-elect supports abortion rights. Gomez did speak favorably about Biden’s policies on issues like immigration, racism, the death penalty and climate change. However, those were all superseded by his pro-abortion stance

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops completed its virtual assembly in November, but did not bring unity or healing. Included this week is a re-cap of the division, from LaCroix. Another article from the National Catholic Reporter adds some perspective from the bishops who will try to work with the new president.

In other news, from Christian Science Monitor, we include an analysis of the post-election American scene, about the division among where people go for their facts.

So much has been written about the presidential contest, other significant fields may not have been well tended. The League of Christian Voters offers a look at the new 117th Congress. Their 2020 New Member Guide is partisan, not totally objective, but definitely worth examining.

Finally, Bob Wenz, an AUSCP member, reflects on the tough realities in church and state, faith and politics. His message ends with a thought you will want to read.

That’s all for this edition! We hope you’ll join us again next week for another edition of Wisdom Wednesdays: Catholic Perspectives on Biden’s Election.

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