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Issues in Priesthood Working Group Report: 2020 Assembly

We were very happy to see the notable participation in the AUSCP Survey Monkey about Priest Issues. There were almost 400 responders, representing over 200 dioceses and religious orders combined! The Survey, based on the priorities we all raised at last year’s Conference, was sent out to all members of AUSCP so that we would hear straight from you what you are thinking and what you see Priest Issues to be. We provided 37 Issues and asked each person to select the top 10 as Issues for themselves. Charts in the Survey Report with the information we received will be sent to all members.

You will see that we chose the responses with the highest ranking (the top 10) as the primary ones to be addressed. All Ranked Issues are still listed and please note that all the write-in sections are included in the report too. Judging from the large number of responses it was clear that you wanted to speak and we wanted you to see what you said. We can take pride in what we as a gathering have created. Thanks for your participation. Please read all of the results, including the write-in’s, and consider how you can participate in responding to them. As you read them you will see how our present and future Work Groups and the Leadership can determine what you consider important for future planning.

We are ready to start the next stage: action. The responses need to be categorized into similar groupings, prioritized and then acted on to continue our mission of being a “Pastoral voice of Hope and Joy on behalf of our Church and the world”. We are more than just a Conference. By the grace of God we are dynamic members of God’s chosen royal priesthood to proclaim God’s glorious works.

Fraternally submitted by Priest Issues Work Group 2019-20

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