Climate Change and Church in the Political World Working Group Report

Working Group Reports

I write this Annual Report as the new facilitator of the combined Climate Change and Church in Political World Work Groups. Mike Allison and I were to be Cofacilitators, but Mike has had to step back because of health concerns. I have an understanding of the work the Political World WG; unfortunately, I am not totally familiar with the Climate Change WG. I hope this report properly reflects the work of the merged group.


Mike Bausch

A. Background of the two Work Groups:

    • Climate Change Work Group – Their work over the last couple of years, includes promotion of Laudato Si’, Catholic Climate Covenant, Eating Choices, World Day of Prayer for Creation and much more.
    • Church in the Political World Work Group – This WG had been working on a Congressional Luncheon at the June Assembly and a Public Action in downtown Baltimore that would have included short addresses on Climate Change (Crisis) and Immigration, both are issues the AUSCP is addressing during this Election Year.

B. Issues currently working on as we move ahead as the Climate Change/Church in Political World Work Group

    • Homily/bulletin materials usable at the parish level – Presently collecting articles and resources; working on a circulation plan.
    • Climate Change website page – Routinely adding to the website.
    • September 1 World Day of Prayer for Creation – Materials being added to the website.
    • The 9/1-10/4 and beyond Season of Creation Meatless Mondays – Committee will add materials to the website.
    • The Challenge – One of the challenges we face as an Association is leading our membership and others to our website; there is a wealth of information available, how do we promote our website?

C. We are working with a number of other national organizations to promote the Laudato Si Care for our Common Home Campaign (LS-COCH) and have agreed to:

    • Identify our constituency to promote the Campaign
    • Ask our membership to reach out to priests, encouraging them be involved in the Campaign, doing so across the country (140+ dioceses represented).
    • We will make this campaign a focus of our annual spring letter to all the bishops of the U.S.

D. The current virus problem is temporary; climate change is permanent; both are life issues in the election year which we need to address.

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