AUSCP Strategic Planning


The strategic planning process is built on two important dimensions of Catholicism – discernment and reading the signs of the times. We begin in contemplation, clearing our minds so we can read the signs of the times. What are the needs and opportunities we see in the world around us. How can AUSCP respond? This is a challenging question because we will encounter more needs and opportunities than AUSCP can respond to. Therefore, prayerful discernment is needed – what should AUSCP say yes to?  And what should it say no to, given its resources? The discernment at the planning retreat should identify 5-7 issues that can then be presented at the Assembly. Further discernment at the Assembly will identify 3 priorities out of the 5-7 that are presented. The plan will then be built around these 3 priorities, on which AUSCP can focus its resources. 

Read the full March 14 e-bulletin here.

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