AUSCP 2019 Leadership Team Nominees


This year we have one member of the Leadership Team (LT) eligible for re-election and three who are completing two terms and thus are not eligible for re-election. Those who are completing two three-year terms are: Bob Bonnot, Kevin Clinton, and Jim Kiesel. Louie Arceneaux, CM (Congregation of the Mission)Secretary for Leadership Team 2016-2019, is completing his first term and is eligible for re-election. Elections will take place at the June Assembly in St. Louis.

At the present time we have three new nominees who are willing to serve on the LT: Ray Cole, Diocese of Metuchen; Steve Newton,CSC; and  Norman Supancheck, Diocese of Los Angeles. Louis Arceneaux, CM, is willing to be re-elected for a second term. Two nominees are featured here and the other two will be featured in the next bulletin.

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