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Wisdom this Wednesday requires acknowledging that this collection of articles is prepared early in the week – before much of the action at the General Assembly of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

So instead of breaking news, we will offer links to news sources.

First, here are details about the prelates in the running for USCCB leadership posts, from National Catholic Reporter.

National Catholic Reporter will be providing updated reports on General Assembly 2021, so clicking on this link will give you new articles every day.

News sources worth your consideration

Catholic News Service serves almost all Catholic publications, print and online. Regularly updated coverage of the General Assembly is guaranteed.

To get the secular viewpoint (likely limited to the Communion controversy), visit the homepage of the Associated Press.

For the view from Europe-based La Croix International, the Church in America is often covered among the effort to provide truly universal news for the universal Church.

On other matters

Late last week, Brian Fraga reported in National Catholic Reporter that “Thousands call for Gomez to apologize after calling protests ‘pseudo-religions‘” – in a round-up of comments and actions prior to the start of the USCCB General Assembly. Portions of an AUSCP news release were quoted in the article.

Do you know about the Vatican’s seven-year plan for Laudato Si? Dennis Sadowski offers a glimpse into the plan, in a Catholic News Service report, and Brian Roewe has a report in NCR.

Regarding synodality, did you see the words Pope Francis prayed last month? He said,

Keep us from becoming a ‘museum Church’, beautiful but mute, with much past and little future.”

A question is posed in La Croix International: Are Catholics Ready for Synodality? Or is it too radical?

The leader of the Latter-day Saints invites people of faith to recognize that religious liberty and nondiscrimination are not mutually exclusive. President Dallin H. Oaks said that the nation’s believers should respect legal efforts to protect people from discrimination as much as they desire to protect religious liberty. A report comes from Deseret News.

Political Typology

The Pew Research Center reports the confirmed reality:

Partisan polarization remains the dominant, seemingly unalterable condition of American politics. Republicans and Democrats agree on very little – and when they do, it often is in the shared belief that they have little in common. Yet the gulf that separates Republicans and Democrats sometimes obscures the divisions and diversity of views that exist within both partisan coalitions – and the fact that many Americans do not fit easily into either one.

Read the full article from Pew Research Center HERE.

And on the same subject, take the Pew Research Center quiz to find out which one of nine political typology groups is your best match. Are you a Faith and Flag Conservative? Progressive Left? Or somewhere in between?

Find out HERE.

We hope you have enjoyed this roundup of recent news about faith, politics, and culture. We will return next week with another edition of Wisdom Wednesday. 

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