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Welcome to Wisdom Wednesday, beginning with an acknowledgement that there is no wisdom to be found in mass shootings. Boulder and Atlanta need study and action. Cardinal Wilton Gregory weighs in.

The same sex blessing ban prompts some more reflection. The AUSCP says it’s a topic that should not fade away.

Synodality is a word gradually growing into usage and understanding. Massimo Faggioli writes this week that synodality may be able to counter charismatic celebrity.

We have several items on the Climate Crisis this week, along with an invitation to make plans for Earth Day.

And we end with the answer to a riddle: What has two wheels and signifies Catholic social teaching?

No Wisdom To Be Found in Mass Shootings

The Corporal Works of Mercy call us to bury the dead and care for the grieving. Mass shootings in Atlanta and Boulder have brought the usual calls for legislation and national surveys find strong support for stricter gun laws. Mix in racism and violence against women and the struggle to find wisdom is daunting. The New York Times has extensive coverage on the issues.

The fatal attack on Asian women in Atlanta was foreseeable, writes Flora x. Tang in America Magazine. It was the product of ideologies that relegate women as the source of blame for men’s desire.

An Atlanta decision may surprise some faith leaders, as the suspect’s church removes him from its membership and urges “no blame” on victims. Religion News Service reports the developments.

The former Archbishop of Atlanta, Cardinal Wilton Gregory of Washington, D.C., said “Healing of America’s soul” is needed to bring about racial harmony. America Magazine says this is a major address.

Same-Sex Blessings and AUSCP Response

The days of immediate outrage are past, regarding the Vatican statement banning same-sex blessings, but sadness lingers. The statement offended many by its content and its tone.

The Association of United States Catholic Priests finds the recent statement on “blessings of same sex unions” untimely and lacking the synodal approach our Holy Father desires. The truth that all God’s people are “made in the image and likeness of God” calls us to see Christ in one another, first, without any implied judgment of sin.  “I came to call sinners,” Jesus said. 

We stand with all our sisters and brothers seeking dignity, respect, and holiness through their Baptismal call and need of blessing.

Reaction to the blessing ban came quickly from groups of priests in Austria and Ireland. More surprising were the reactions of a number of bishops who publicly denounced the statement issued by the Congregation for Doctrine of the Faith, as reported in La Croix International.

Climate Crisis

If you need some encouragement to take the Climate Crisis seriously, here is a prompt to add some urgency to your actions, from the New York Times. “One Year Later, We Still Have No Plan to Prevent the Next Pandemic.”

Opinion | One Year Later, We Still Have No Plan to Prevent the Next Pandemic – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

A positive note: The new U.S. Treasury Secretary seems to be open to Pope Francis’ views on economy and environment. Catholic leaders say Secretary Janet Yellen was willing to “listen and dialogue” at recent meeting with faith-based representations.

While we are on the topic, have you made your plans for Earth Day 2021? Check out the Catholic Climate Covenant for some ideas.


PRIESTLY FORMATION – From its beginning days, the AUSCP has been advocating reform of the way seminarians are called, chosen and formed for priestly ministry. America Magazine has a report on a small step forward for some future leaders.

CHURCH LEADERSHIP – Massimo Faggioli adds some wisdom to a source of tension within the Catholic Church. The thoughtful article was published in La Croix International.

RIDDLE – We asked, “what has two wheels and signifies Catholic Social Teaching?”

The answer: A bicycle!

For some serious thinking about a common conveyance, meet your bicycle: the transportation incarnation of Catholic Social Teaching.

WATCH – For this week’s featured video presentation, we return to our inaugural Assembly. Dr. Michael Tkacik, a professor at St. Leo University, presents on a topic we have explored throughout our growth: “Affirming the Baptismal Dignity of the Laity.”

And as a reminder, you can watch keynote presentations from all of our past assemblies on our Past Assembly Videos page.

We hope you have enjoyed this roundup of recent news about faith, politics, and culture. We will return next week with another edition of Wisdom Wednesday. 

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