Wisdom Wednesday | February 8th

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Welcome to Wisdom Wednesday. Your prayers are requested for the earthquake victims and for a prisoner whose execution was scheduled last night.

From the Pope

Pope Francis works for peace and forgiveness in South Sudan. And according to the Associated Press, he accuses his critics of exploiting the death of Pope Benedict XVI.

In a rare moment of togetherness, Anglican and Presbyterian leaders joined Pope Francis in denouncing anti-gay laws.

By the way, if you want to know what is on the pope’s schedule, you can check it out at the Vatican site.

Death and Dying

Missouri’s governor denied clemency for a man facing execution last night (Tuesday).

The Associated Press offers us a story about the impact of a spiritual advisor inside the execution chamber.

The founder of Hildegard House in Louisville, Kentucky, says she follows God’s call by standing present to people in their final moments. She says she was inspired by St. Hildegard.

LGBTQ Rights

A Kansas City Christian school lost donations after supporting LGBTQ rights. Now it’s closing.

A teacher says she was fired by her Catholic school, because of her same-sex relationship.

Clergy Abuse

A Knoxville diocese has asked a judge to allow it to keep documents secret.

A Massachusetts diocese publishes a nameless clergy abuse report.


A continuing wave of antisemitic flyers hit parts of suburban Atlanta, including the home of Georgia’s only Jewish state legislator.

Colorado State apologizes for fans’ ‘Russia’ chant at Ukrainian player.

An Iranian singer faces possible prison time for his song that’s become an anthem to the ongoing protests shaking the Islamic Republic. He wept early Monday after seeing he’d won a Grammy.

In the beginning . . .

Can we really see the “Cosmic Dawn”of Creation?

The James Webb Space Telescope has been online for less than a year, but in that time, the quest to understand our cosmic genealogy has taken unexpected turns.

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