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Welcome to Wisdom Wednesday, February 1! Looking back as Janus did, we’ll include some January highlights. Read, read again what Pope Francis said in January about LGBTQ issues, and what he thinks about German synodality efforts.

The Pope’a comments are “sincere,” but not surprising, says a friend.

Meanwhile, NPR looks ahead to the end of the world, watching the Doomsday Clock. It’s just ninety seconds away!

Two items from America Magazine

Cardinal Robert McElroy has written on “radical inclusion” for L.G.B.T. people, women and others in the Catholic Church. His article is in America Magazine, available to subscribers and occasional readers.

America Magazine also feature an article about Archbishop John R. Quinn, the former archbishop of both San Francisco and Oklahoma City, and a friend of AUSCP. In his many articles for America, Quinn tackled issues ranging from synodality to sex abuse to the priest shortage to abortion.

Two from Habitat

In time for Black History Month, we will look ahead to how Habitat for Humanity is working to build toward the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr in Muncie and Philadelphia, and how Habitat is trying to close the racial homeownership gap in the Twin Cities.

On Families

If you minister to families, you know the tension and heartbreak of parents watching children disregard their upbringing in the faith. About a third (35%) of parents with children under 18 in the United States say it is extremely or very important to them that their children share their religious beliefs as adults, according to a new Pew Research Center survey.

A flashpoint among parents and their friends is often their choice of a school for their children. Adding to the discussion, any Iowa student who wants to attend a private school could use public money to pay for tuition or other expenses under a plan passed recently by the Legislature and quickly signed into law by Gov. Kim Reynolds,

Enlarging our tent

The United Methodist Church may not be losing as many congregations as predicted. A Religion News Service writer conclude it is “Not a real schism” and the UMC exodus is less a gush, more of a trickle. Also, the Church of England is apologizing for its treatment of LGBTQ people, even as it says same sex couples won’t be allowed to marry in its churches.

We offer two items about Ableism. First, here are 10 ways to make your worship space less ableist. And then some caution, that

Even if a worship space has ramps, accessible seating, large-print programs and a separate room for those feeling over stimulated, the theology of many Christian services itself can offer little besides condemnation and exclusion.”

Pray for your enemies, because “We’re going to savage our enemies,” said Steve Bannon. While he is known for many things, being overtly religious is not one of them. He was raised Catholic, but he’s not the kind of person one would expect to quote the Bible. Yet he did just that . . .

A bar, bible study and the Fabelmans

On weekends, 65-year-old Jonda Valentine can often be found standing onstage, mic in hand, singing gospel songs or sharing a message about forgiveness. But the pastor’s daughter isn’t a preacher, she’s a bar owner — and her venue isn’t a church, but Nashville’s Lipstick Lounge.

David Crosby was my first Bible teacher, says Jeffrey Salkin, in his column, Martini Judaism. “He lived hard, played well, sang beautifully and died in a good old age. What else could you ask for?”

And finally, Steven Spielberg tells his — and Hollywood’s — Jewish story in “The Fabelmans.” Understanding his new film as a history of Jews and the entertainment business. It’s Oscar-worthy.

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