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Wisdom Wednesday finds a writer who says Pope Francis is no more “Mr. Nice Guy.” And the pope speaks out on several topics. But we begin with Christmas greetings from Pope Francis. To adults: Share joy, not complaints. To children: Jesus loves you and wants you to love others.

Pope Francis has taken further steps toward ending the division over celebration of the Latin Mass. We offer two items: a report and a background article.

Pope Francis has described domestic violence against women as “almost satanic” while connecting the plight of victims to the suffering of Mary who was left “humiliated” after the death of Jesus.

After spending the first eight years of his papacy gently nudging Catholic hierarchs to embrace financial prudence and responsible governance, an Associated Press writer says Francis took the gloves off this year and appears poised to keep it that way.

Research: Nones, marriage, homosexuality, and taking offense too easily

With Christmas upon us, the latest Pew Research Center survey finds that about three in 10 adult Americans are now religiously unaffiliated — six percentage points higher than it was five years ago and 10 points higher than a decade ago. “Nones” are atheists, agnostics or “nothing in particular.”

About a third of U.S. adults (34%) say society is better off if people make it a priority to get married and have children, while almost twice as many (64%) feel that society is just as well off if people have other priorities, according to a new analysis of data from a recent Pew Research Center survey on issues involving family life. White evangelical Protestants consistently hold more traditional views than other respondents on these questions, while people with no religious identity tend to have the most progressive stances.

Most U.S. Christian groups grow more accepting of homosexuality

Half of U.S. adults say “people saying offensive things to others” is a major problem – but two-thirds say people are too easily offended.

When the Center first asked U.S. adults if they ever use a social media site in 2005, just 5% said they did. Today, the share is 72%, according to a survey in early 2019.

Meanwhile, a commentary in Vanity Fair suggests that technology will advance at warp speed – and much of it will not be pretty.

Also in the news . . .

Canada’s Indigenous Services Minister announced on Monday that the government is provisioning C$40 billion (the equivalent of US$31.2 billion) to provide compensation and to commit the funds necessary to implement long-term reform so that future generations of First Nations children will never face the systemic tragedies of their ancestors.

Michael Sean Winters offers his view that Fox and EWTN have made truth a casualty of the culture war.

As Afghan refugees restart their lives, US sisters are doing their part to help

After 50 years, Gutiérrez’s ‘A Theology of Liberation’ is still ‘What’s Going On’

The Black Catholic Messenger reports that Amanda Gorman has done it again, going #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list for the third time this year, the latest coming this week for her new poetry collection. It contains poems covering everything from war to COVID-19 to American anti-Black racism.

By the way, there are more articles of interest at this excellent website. Black Catholic Messenger includes stories related to Simone Biles and the George Floyd pieta.

Merry Christmas

Finally a commentary urging us to say “Merry Christmas.” Let’s also expect folks to know when and why to say Happy Diwali, Eid Mubarak, Happy Vaisakhi or gong hai fat choy and when to wish our Jewish colleagues a “happy New Year” or an “easy fast.” Throughout the year, greet and speak to people of other faiths in their own time and on their own terms. This is what authentic inclusion looks like.

We hope you have enjoyed this roundup of recent news about faith, politics, and culture. We will return next week with another edition of Wisdom Wednesday. 

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