Wisdom Wednesday | April 14th

April 14AUSCP NewsRoundup

Will it never end?

Amid Covid frustration, our faith gives us reason to hope and America gives us some tips for the post-Covid world ahead. Ramadan begins with Islamic leaders urging Muslims to be vaccinated.

Our Wisdom Wednesday collection also includes action suggestions as we face the climate crisis. A writer reflects on having lunch with Hans Küng, and Mosaic Magazine reports on how “Jewish defenders of the American Constitution protected the rights of Jew-haters at the very moment they were expressing their hatred of Jews.”

COVID Updates

One year into the novel coronavirus pandemic, Jesus calls us to have hope. Meghan J. Clark looks ahead in U.S.Catholic.

While U.S. Catholic bishops reluctantly stated that vaccination can be for the common good, Islamic leaders are using social media, virtual town halls and face-to-face discussion to spread the word that it is acceptable to be vaccinated during Ramadan.

The U.S. Supreme Court has halted California coronavirus rules that limit how many people can gather in a home for worship, according to USA Today.

Finally, are you anxious about returning to regular life? America Magazine offers six  Jesuit discernment tips for the post-Covid world. Our favorite tip? Recognize that you have been transformed.

Stop Asian Hate and End Discrimination

“Stop Asian hate. It’s a sin.” That’s the simple, blunt call published in U.S.Catholic. The intertwined sins of white supremacy and anti-Asian racism have deep roots in this country.

Regarding Asian Americans, the Pew Research Center finds they are the fastest-growing racial or ethnic group in the U.S.

LGBTQ Catholics are closely watching a Supreme Court case on adoption, according to National Catholic Reporter.

And lastly, if there ever was a clear case for connecting efforts to save the earth and end discrimination, this is it. More than a century ago, the conservationist John Muir famously made the case for national parks in The Atlantic. Now, that magazine has begun a new project on “who really owns America’s wilderness” and writer David Treuer calls for the parks to be returned to the tribes.

Opinion and Commentary

How strong are your principles? Mosaic Magazine offers an in-depth examination of an event 44 years ago this month in Skokie, Illinois. A neo-Nazi group sought legal assistance from the ACLU to press for its ability to hold a public demonstration. The national and state directors of the ACLU were Jewish. As Mosaic describes it, the Jewish defenders of the American Constitution protected the rights of Jew-haters at the very moment they were expressing their hatred of Jews. (You may have to create a free account to read the essay, Skokie Then and Now.)

Former NCR editor Tom Roberts looks at extremely conservative Catholics who either control or have access to enormous sums of money. He concludes that wealthy conservative Catholics are the new US magisterium.

Easter Week brought news of the death of Hans Küng, one of the most influential and prophetic voices of 20th century Christianity. Christopher Lamb examines his impact in The Tablet, and Robert Mickens offers a personal story about having lunch with Hans Küng in La Croix International.

What Can I Do About the Climate Crisis

The Catholic Climate Covenant offers homily helps (for homilists and for those who have to listen to them), starting with Sunday, May 2.

Sacred Air: Climate and Energy, the second program in JustFaith Ministries’ Eco-justice Series, explores the impact of the climate crisis and equips people of faith to respond. This eight-meeting program helps small groups learn about causes and effects of the climate crisis. Topics include greenhouse gases, air pollution, fossil fuels, renewable energy, the Paris Agreement, and environmental racism. Learn more from JustFaith.

Video Opportunities

REGISTER – Finally, you won’t want to miss this upcoming webinar, The First 100 Days of Joe Biden, America’s Second Catholic President. on Catholicism And Politics In The United States. Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office have revealed the enormous challenges that face the country at this pivotal historical moment. Join Massimo Faggioli and Robert Mickens for an informative and insightful examination of the current political and ecclesial landscape and the man elected to lead the United States. It is scheduled April 27, from 11 a.m. to noon Eastern Time. Register in advance.

WATCH – Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego challenged participants at the AUSCP Assembly in Albuquerque to examine Pastoral Theology for a post-Modern World. His keynote address is available in our AUSCP archives.

NEW! ASSEMBLY RECAP – AUSCP Executive Director Bob Bonnot continues his series of webinars on the themes of AUSCP Assemblies. Check out his latest from April 12, on the 2012 theme, Our Passion for the Vision of Vatican II.

And as a reminder, you can watch keynote presentations from all of our past assemblies on our Past Assembly Videos page.

We hope you have enjoyed this roundup of recent news about faith, politics, and culture. We will return next week with another edition of Wisdom Wednesday. 

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