Why Bishops Can Support BAN AND BUY BACK

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Why Bishops can support BAN AND BUY BACK

  1. It’s the right thing to do.
  2. It gives our Bishops a positive role as moral leaders.
  3. U.S. Bishops can issue a Pastoral on violence with gun legislation a major topic to address. (Or one Bishop could publish a pastoral giving other Bishops a model) Pastoral letter: Addressing the gun culture: its characteristics, its gradual development, its major arguments for, and major arguments against, judging it against Gospel values, placing it in line with Catholic teaching.
  4. It’s one partial solution to mass shootings: getting the big guns out of our homes, etc. No solution is a total guarantee.
  5. It challenges the gun-culture which the NRA and gun lobbies have built over past half century, urges a new narrative, one not led by firearm industry. Gospel Non-Violence can and should be the leading narrative.
  6. It is a reason for some former Church members, those who oppose AR-15’s , to return to practice their faith if they have left. Reason to re-connect. Some gun enthusiasts will oppose Bishops (church meddling in politics, e.g.)
  7. Offering options: Ultimate goal: banning the sale and possession of assault weapons, and urging governments at all levels to have buy-back programs. This can happen effectively at state level. Seven states have bans on assault weapons now: California, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Hawaii, Connecticut, and Wash. D.C.
  8. Banning Sales might be easy. Banning Possession much harder to make happen but worth urging. Immediate goals:
    1. Banning the manufacturing and sale of military-style firearms and ammo;
    2. Require Licensing of all firearms
    3. Mandatory Registration of all guns
    4. Mandatory lock-up of all weapons
    5. Making it Illegal to carry guns into public places
    6. Red Flag laws become mandatory
    7. Mental health accessibility improved

Note: Steve Sandell, DFL Woodbury, Minnesota state rep: letter to editor Star Tribune 7/5/22 calling for added expense to gun owners and NRA to cover cost of violence. Plus: added hardening of schools, added security force, burial of victims, healing of wounded (hospital, ambulance, therapy, lost pay, etc.)

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