Catholic Discordance Dialogue

“Catholic Discordance: Neoconservatism vs. the Field Hospital Church of Pope Francis,” by Massimo Borghesi

Discussion leaders, Michael Lawlor and Leo Jacoby

Not everyone is a fan of Vatican II or of Pope Francis. How do we understand the differences among us? How do we bridge the gaps and communicate in the synodal spirit of listening and walking together?

We offer an opportunity to discuss what one reviewer describes as “an essential read to comprehending the Catholic Church in America and a neoconservative trend within it that rejects certain magisterial teachings.”

Places to get the book: Liturgical PressThe Pastoral CenterBarnes & NobleAmazon; Email Michael Lawlor – or Leo Jacoby – to request a PDF ProQuest copy of the book or for more information about the book discussion. Or, borrow from a library.

Chapter 1 – The Fall of Communism and the Hegemony of Catholic Americanism

Recorded on June 9, 2022.

Chapter 2 – The Pontificate of Francis and the Crisis of Globalization

Recorded on June 16, 2022.

Week 3 – Open Mic

This is an “Open Mic” session to share secondary resources we will suggest during our first two sessions. We honor AUSCP who concludes its 11th National Assembly this day.

Recorded on June 23, 2022.

Chapter 3 – A Church That Goes Forth and a Field Hospital: The Missionary Face of the Church

Plus Introduction, Beyond the Theological-Political Model: Pope Francis’s “Mobile” Church (pages 1-35) and Conclusion: Theopopulism, the United States, and the Future of the Church (pages 253-264).

Recorded on June 30, 2022.

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