Sister Simone Campbell offers an election scorecard

Election 2020Election Week 1

Editor’s note: The views expressed by NETWORK are the views of NETWORK and its executive director. The AUSCP does not endorse candidates. The material in this posting is offered as one of many items related to the principles underlying the formation of Catholic consciences.

Consider These Candidate Positions Before Election Day
After we announced on Monday our position that Catholics cannot, in good faith, vote for Donald Trump, we received many responses: most of them very supportive. I’m excited that voters are grappling with the messy business of what it means to be a voter who uses their faith to inform their political choices.

I know people really care about the decision our country faces in November. That’s why I’m eager to share our newest resource with you.Download the “Equally Sacred” Scorecard Now

This election season, we’re raising up the significance of Pope Francis’s words through the “Equally Sacred” scorecard. NETWORK’s scorecard compares President Trump’s and Vice President Biden’s positions on the issues that Pope Francis names as “equally sacred” to the defense of the unborn.

For too long, there’s been a one-dimensional understanding of faith in politics. After more than 40 years of advocating for a variety of federal policies – from health care and the economy to our immigration system, and more — NETWORK knows that faith touches every aspect of our shared life here in the United States. We need to become multi-issue voters. All of these issues are connected, and they are integral to promoting a society and economy of inclusion. In his speaking and writing, Pope Francis reminds us of this, and urges us not to ignore injustice or act as though one issue is more important than others.

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