Invitation from Gospel Nonviolence Working Group


AUSCP member Bishop John Stowe, Diocese of Lexington , and Jack Gilroy, AUSCP Friend, will present on the next Gospel Nonviolence Group’s ZOOM video/phone

As the President of Pax Christi USA, Bishop Stowe signed a September 2018 letter to the Archbishop of Denver, urging him to open the Cause for Ben Salmon’s beatification. He also attended three AUSCP Assemblies, chairing two well-attended Colloquia at the June, 2018 Assembly. Gilroy attended the October, 2007 beatification of Franz Jaegerstatter; has published in NCR; and is a founder of “Friends of Franz/Ben.” He’ll explain the status of a petition – endorsed already by many AUSCP members. The petition is found at:, the most complete online reference on the life of this Catholic WWI draft resister.

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