Confronting the Systemic Dysfunction of Clericalism


The AUSCP recently sent a letter to all U.S.bishops, active and retired, addressing the subject of Clericalism. A copy of the 30-page document Confronting the Systemic Dysfunction of Clericalism, approved at the AUSCP Assembly in June, was sent with the letter, as well as a one page summary of the document.

The letter said, in part, “As priests in Christ we are particularly challenged to be the ‘sign of Christ on the visage of the Church.’ That requires of us continual inward and outward purification and renewal. Our dismay at the continuing clericalism exhibited by us clergy and experienced among the people of God moved us to publish the enclosed document on Confronting the Systemic Dysfunction of Clericalism. It is the fruit of a year’s collaborative work by Members of the Association of U.S. Catholic Priests (AUSCP), our AUSCP Friends, Voice of the Faithful and other committed Catholics who care about the current ‘visage of the Church’ in our country and our culture. Too often, our visage is not a sign of Christ.”

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