Catholic Perspectives on the News of Inauguration Day

January 20NewsRoundup

What a week! From remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Let’s start with some facts on this inauguration day. Opinions and reflections will follow, but first here is a look at the Catholic make-up of Joe Biden’s cabinet.

Noteworthy this week

National unity was a top priority for Biden throughout his campaign. But is common ground still possible? Francine Kiefer reports in the Christian Science Monitor that Joe Biden is determined to give it a try.

The country is still reeling from the attack on the capitol earlier this month. However, the editorial board of Christian Science Monitor concludes an examination of the insurrection with a hopeful note:

The vast majority of Americans expect to resolve their differences peacefully, not by attacking property or persons.

Monday marked Martin Luther King Jr. Day. At NCR, Edward T. Brett offers his thoughts on “What I learned from Dr. King.

Reflecting on the Trump Era, and on the way forward

Michael Sean Winters writes about the significance of Trump’s impeachment last week. Winters, who will be a keynoter at the AUSCP Assembly in June, says “Impeaching Trump (again) was easy compared to defeating Trumpism.”

Gabriela Romeri, in America Magazine, examines the Trump administration’s abuse of immigrants and refugees: “It will take years to understand.”

Mark Zimmerman reports on the insurrection as viewed by Cardinal Wilton Gregory at a High School Mass in Washington, D.C. “We need the Lord to cast out the demon of division in our nation.

A final note from us

Because of the favorable reception of our AUSCP weekly examination of issues related to the election, the transition and the inaugural week of Joe Biden, we will continue to present a weekly collection of pertinent reports and opinions.

Thanks for following along with our weekly dose of Catholic perspectives on the news you care about. Check us out again next week for Wisdom Wednesday!

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