Welcome to Wisdom Wednesday, one week before the U.S. Congress is to accept the Electoral College results on January 6, and just three weeks before Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris take office on January 20.

BUT FIRST, as they say on TV, a digression. If you are suffering from Trump Transition Turmoil Fatigue, check out the link at the end of this missive for webinars focused on ministry and other matters.

What happens on, and right after, Inauguration Day?

Back to Biden, here we go with a little light at the end of the Trump tunnel. It is an external view of American political life from the BBC to help set the inaugural stage.

The AUSCP supports immigration reform and respect for the life and faith of all God’s children. Here is another view from afar. INDIAWEST, billing itself as the Best Indian Newspaper in Print & Online, reports on the goals of the first Indian-American vice president to send a comprehensive immigration reform bill to Congress within the first 100 days, reinstate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, and repeal the Muslim ban.

Division continues within the church and across the country

From the global to the specific, here is a report from the Christian Science Monitor on the very particular race in Georgia and how it may deepen the divide among Christians.

The AUSCP laments the divide among Catholics over opposition to the death penalty — a Catholic position that not all Catholics accept — including most (in)famously, former Attorney General William Barr. Religion News Service reports that “Barr the executioner” seemingly went out of his way to reject Catholic teaching.

Church historian Massimo Faggioli takes a sharp look into the present-day polarization among Catholics.

Also, a note from us to you – La Croix International is an excellent resource, worthy of a subscription, and is currently available at no cost for members and friends of the AUSCP. If you are an AUSCP member or friend and would like to access this free subscription, email us at office@auscp.org.

For another deep plunge into domestic politics and the crisis of American democracy, check out the interview of Jesuit Drew Christiansen by colleague Michael Kelly in La Croix International and the look-back into 2020 by Michael Sean Winters.

News from the Vatican, and from us!

Pope Francis is looking ahead to 2021. He proclaims a year of families, and he calls for the vulnerable to get the Covid vaccines first.

Finally, as promised, the AUSCP offers a list of webinars that we hope will help our followers to return to a more normal life of ministry and good works during the next administration. Topics include anti-racism, lay ecclesial ministry, domestic violence, DACA, women’s role in the church, and more.

Have a happy and blessed New Year!

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