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Top 3 faith moments in the Harris-Pence vice presidential debate

(RNS) — When the two major party vice presidential candidates — a Black Baptist with Hindu heritage and a white, “born again evangelical Catholic” — faced off on Wednesday night (Oct. 7), they largely talked past one another (and their moderator). But among their prepared arguments, Vice President Mike Pence and Sen.…

Immigration Reform: Christian Perspectives for Voting

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By James J. Bacik In 2005, Senators John McCain and Ted Kennedy launched a bipartisan effort to pass comprehensive immigration reform legislation.  This effort to reform our broken immigration system failed, as have subsequent attempts.  Noteworthy was the 2013 bill sponsored by the bipartisan Gang of Eight that passed the…

Economic Justice: Christian Perspectives for Voters

By James J. Bacik In this 2020 election, we are electing candidates in the middle of an economic crisis with millions of jobs lost and an unemployment rate around 8% due to the coronavirus pandemic.              Back in 1986, the American bishops published a pastoral letter, “Economic Justice for All,”…

Compassion: Preparing for the Election

Some things in life — and in preparing for an election — persist. Father Carl J. Arico delivered a talk on compassion four years ago. It remains something to examine as voters prepare for November 2020.

Latest Encyclical from Pope Francis

The latest encyclical from Pope Francis examines issues that underlie conscience formation for Catholics — important for making decisions in an election year and throughout an active Christian’s life. Read “Pope’s post-COVID encyclical envisions a less populist, less capitalist world” in NCR. Or, go straight to the English text of…

A short summary of the new encyclical, ‘Fratelli Tutti’

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Fraternity and social friendship are the ways the Pontiff indicates to build a better, more just and peaceful world. READ the report from Vatican News Or go HERE to read a long summary Pope Francis signed his latest encyclical October 3 at Assisi. The complete document is available HERE