AUSCP Observes Priesthood Sunday


On this Priesthood Sunday, an annual observance promoted by Serra International, the AUSCP affirms its appreciation and gratitude to all priests of whatever age who have dedicated their lives to serving God’s Priestly People. Our times are difficult and often discouraging. Baptized and ordained in Christ, we trust his promise to be with us until the end of the ages,” including our own. May that promise fill us all with hope and joy as we continue our pilgrimage of pastoral service in Christ to priests and all God’s People.

On this occasion, we recommend to AUSCP members and all others ordained a recent book titled From Hero to Servant to Mystic: Navigating the Deeper Waters of Priestly Spirituality by Scott P. Detisch, a pastor in the Diocese of Erie, Pennsylvania, and a veteran in seminary priestly formation ministry. His book traces the spiritual journey of priesthood “through a series of shifts from one form of archetypal energy to a new one” – from Hero to Servant to Mystic. It is meaningful and worthwhile for priests of any age. (Published by Liturgical Press.)

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