AUSCP Joins USCCB in LGBT Anti-Bullying Statement


On January 26, 2021, the AUSCP issued a press release in support of the Catholic bishops who signed their support for a statement by the Tyler Clementi Foundation, an organization that fights LGBT bullying in schools, workplaces and faith communities. Archbishop John Wester (Santa Fe), Cardinal Joseph Tobin (Newark), and Bishop John Stowe (Lexington) are among those who signed the statement.

The AUSCP statement began by saying: “As an association that has consistently supported the rights of individuals in the LGBT community, the Association of U.S. Catholic Priests applauds and supports the Catholic bishops who have signed a statement affirming the God-given dignity of all human life.” You can read the full press release on the AUSCP website HERE.

Read the full January 31st, 2021 e-bulletin here.

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