AUSCP, Contemplation, and Black History Month


AUSCP & Contemplation

During AUSCP’s 2019 Assembly in St. Louis, Sr. Suzanne Giblin, CSJ, will lead us in contemplative dialogue and prayer. AUSCP’s Leadership Team met with her during our January Retreat. She left us all a more deeply bonded group with one another and our Triune God. She is working with us now to weave a contemplative thread throughout our 8th Assembly. This will help us bond more fully with one another in Christ our priest. It will deepen the impact of our keynoters on our sense of ourselves as God’s Priestly People.

Black History Month

Before Black History Month (February) is over, be sure to check out a special page on the AUSCP website devoted to this topic. There is a link to an eloquent and dynamic talk by Sr. Patricia Chappell of Pax Christi given to a Jesuit teach-in for Justice and captured by America Media.  The same page has a link to the enlightening presentation given by Bryan Massingale, SJ, at the 2017 AUSCP Assembly, plus other resources.

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