Assembly Survey, Webinar Recordings, and Scholarships


Assembly Survey

The 2021 Assembly Retreat Day will be led by Fr. Jan Michael Joncas. He is offering to explore several possible topics, based on the interest of the membership. Please take time to respond to the brief SurveyMonkey you received, whether you are planning to attend the retreat or not. Thank you! If you cannot find the link, click here:

Webinar Recordings

For your convenience, each AUSCP webinar is being recorded and posted on Vimeo. You are invited to watch those that are of interest to you. They provide a wealth of information and inspiration.

Assembly Scholarships

Scholarships are available for the 2021 Assembly in Minneapolis. For priests ordained ten years or less, scholarships will include the Assembly registration fee and three nights at the hotel (June 21,22,23). Other scholarships include up to half of the registration fee as needed. 

Read the full February 28 e-bulletin here.

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