2021 St. John XXIII Awards and New Webinar Series


2021 St. John XXIII Awards

Special thanks to those who submitted nominations for this year’s St. John XXIII Awards. The AUSCP Leadership Team has selected the following as recipients: Fr. Harry Bury and Gayle Uebelhor.

Fr. Harry, ordained for the Archdiocese of Minneapolis in 1955, joined  AUSCP in 2016, and has participated in the Working Group on Nonviolence. Those who know him say that he is a humble, compassionate priest, grounded in the Word of God and committed to the tenets articulated in the documents of Vatican II. 

Harry has put himself “on the line” for what he believes in and for what he holds that the Church must be about for the sake of peace and justice, so that all people may live in dignity. In 2018, at 88 years of age, Harry founded Twin Cities Nonviolent (TCNV), Its mission is to reduce violence in all its forms; increase awareness and engagement in nonviolent policies and practices; bring together local community organizations, including nonprofits, religious institutions, educational institutions, and government agencies; and dismantle the structures and systems that lead to violence throughout the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis and beyond. Thank you, Harry!

Gayle Uebelhor is a familiar figure to all who have attended the AUSCP assemblies. He guided the Mundelein retreat of the Founding Fathers of AUSCP, so he played a major role in the founding of AUSCP and has been involved in its development throughout its ten years of existence. He has facilitated most of the AUSCP assemblies, assisting in the preparatory work needed prior to the Assembly, along with guiding the processes needed for consideration of proposals and prioritizing the work of AUSCP for the long haul. 

Gayle used his professional management consultant skills to the benefit of AUSCP, making him a key figure in our success. Gayle recently retired and his presence is greatly missed by the Leadership Team. Thank you, Gayle! 

Exciting New AUSCP Webinar Series Coming Soon!

A new webinar series is in the works! Fr. Bob Bonnot, AUSCP Executive Director, is reviewing all of the presentations given at the past AUSCP Assemblies and is developing a webinar on each Assembly. Each webinar will include excerpts from the main presentations, followed by time for questions and discussion. Fr. Bob says,  Our aim is to give viewers an opportunity to refresh your grasp of our Assembly themes during our first decade — and to reflect on them as we look forward to our second decade of service to God’s Priestly People. This series will begin on Monday, April 12th.

Read the full March 18 e-bulletin here.

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