2021 AUSCP Assembly Discerned Priorities


The 10th Annual AUSCP Assembly was held in Minneapolis, June 21-24, 2021. In attendance were 125 priests, 10 AUSCP Associates and Friends, 4 staff persons, and representatives of 14 organizations who attended as exhibitors. In addition, 38 persons were able to join Monday’s retreat with Michael Joncas through Zoom.

One of the tasks of the participants was to prioritize the issues on which AUSCP will focus for the next three years. Out of eight issues presented, the following three were chosen as the top priorities:

  1. Vatican II priests – The Association commits to promoting the spirit and practices of Vatican II and to facilitating a proper understanding and support of this spirit among all, including newer generations of clergy and laity.
  2. Gospel non-violence – The Association commits to promoting the Gospel of non-violence, calling all to live without violence in peace and harmony, avoiding wars and all that is destructive of life. We will collaborate with other individuals and groups sharing our goal of non-violence.
  3. Anti-racism – The Association commits to promoting and living by the fundamental teaching of equality of all humans, regardless of race, culture or other distinctions among people. We will collaborate with others working to overcome racism and white-privilege, in a Christian spirit.

Read the full July 4, 2021 e-bulletin here.

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